Glitch Rain, novella, Apex Publications, February 2016

Proximity, short story, Apex Magazine, June 2015.

Value and Saturation“, short story, Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, Issue 22, October 2014.

“Unmanned”, drabble story, Quantum Fairy Tales, Issue 8, summer 2014.

Bartleby, The Robot-Killer: A Story of Difference Street, short-story, Bastion Magazine, June 2014.

From The Void, fiction podcast, 2013 to current.

Lethe“, short-story, Redhead Magazine, 2013.

Objects in Space”, short-story, Daily Science Fiction, 2012

Rhymer, novel, self-published. 2011


The Annwn Simulation 1985, interactive fiction, Storynexus user-submitted, 2013. Storynexus World of the Season Winter 2013 contest runner up.

The Nightmare Maze, interactive fiction, Choice of Games user-submitted, 2010

Sons of the Cherry, interactive fiction, Choice of Games user-submitted, 2012

The Gillingham Probleminteractive fiction, Storynexus user-submitted, 2013.


Alpha Geek, play, staged by Niagara Country Community College theater program, 2009

Waking Cassandra, play, self-published, 2013.


Classics from the Sartor Library

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