The Sartor Classics

 As a member of the Assassin Order, you are no stranger to secrets.
A textbook is delivered to your home unbidden, and even from the slim volume’s introduction it is clear there is something unusual hidden within.

Here you may find a PDF version of my mad Assassin’s Creed fan project:

Download The Sartor Classics

For a history of its development, look here.

10 thoughts on “The Sartor Classics

  1. Kaushal S. Pandya


    Congratulations and an excellent job on putting
    this book together! You are quite impressive, and
    Ezio would have said “Molto Bene e Grazie!” to you!
    You did an amazing job in this book, and I hope we can hear more from you!

    …and like Subject 16 said, “What is a man BUT the SUM of his MEMORIES???!!!

    Buona Fortuna Amico!


  2. Russell Sparrow

    Well done Alex,
    It’s heart-warming to see such dedication to the AC world.
    Will the book be available to buy? I’d quite like my own hard copy.

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  4. pedgz

    excellent job! i’m going through the pdf now, but, like what the others said, this would be great to own in a hard copy version. i would like to read the book the old fashioned way instead of having my laptop at bedtime. 😛
    keep up the great work and dedication to this wonderful universe, and we look forward to this book becoming a reality!

  5. gala5931 Post author

    Thanks, all! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I will look into the hard copy question and get back to you here.

  6. lorenza453

    well done alex it is amazing and just wondering are you going to get this fab book published so assassin fans can own one of these books. i would love to own a hard copy of it :):) plz let us fans know asap :):)

  7. mrhallett04

    This is so great to have a book like this for such an Awsome game that intertwined with realty please make more.

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