Tor’s Fantasy Fiction Affliction — First Timers?

UPDATED for Sci-Fi 8/27

I love me some I really do. These people really know what’s up, so when they post their Fiction Affliction lists of new titles every month, we can safely assume these to be The Deal.

As someone who is actively working to become a first-time professionally-published novelist, I figured I’d take a look and see who’s making the list. So let’s start with fantasy releases in September. Also, sci-fi.

Of the nineteen fantasy listings:

  • 9 are sequels.
  • 2 are anthologies.
  • 5 are written by well-established novelists.

That leaves two newbies.

The Scroll of Years: A Gaunt and Bone NovelChris Willrich

Willrich’s Gaunt and Bone stories have appeared in several pro magazines over the last decade or so. So, that leaves one.

The Grim Company (Grim Company #1)Luke Scull

This dude is a videogame designer, and this is his first foray into straight-up fiction. Still, he’s got some cred.


  • 7 sequels
  • 1 anthology
  • 1 established novelist
  • 1 prolific short-story writer


Wowza. I don’t know if there’s anything to infer from this — I firmly believe that quality work matters more than anything when editors and agents make decisions. Nonetheless, interesting.

Tor does a great job of keeping up posted on debuts as well, which is cool.  Example.

I’ll be keeping track of the other Fiction Affliction posts this month. The one I’m pitching now is more of genre-bender, so I’ll be looking closely at that post.

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