Bits on ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

I think I can safely assume the premise of the book is clear.

Lincoln led a miserable life. Dead mom, drunk dad, dead kids. This book assumes this was all the work of the US vampire menace. And it works; the guy suffered so much loss that a recounting of the events of his life begs for something greater than mere mortal influence simply to make sense of it. Giving old Abe some stakes (the wooden kind, not the plot kind) and pitting him against the forces of evil feels right.

The book is set up as a story within a story, with some dude in upstate New York being entrusted with Lincoln’s private journals. Naturally, I expected to go back to this fellow’s tale at the end and see how this knowledge has changed his life. This did not happen. Maybe it was vampires.

My rating? 2 Galactic Credits

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