Just one lump.

When people rent, one of the attributes they consider in an apartment is often summarized as “character”. This can be roughly translated to “looks old”. My apartment, for example, has one of the quaint, old-timey round analog thermostats. It doesn’t work. The heat is either on or off, and does not stop when the assigned temperature has been reached. This makes for some very cold mornings, since there’s no one awake to turn the heat on and off every couple of hours. The morning shave has become a trial of fire. The good news is, the milk stays very cool in my cereal, and I believe I am becoming hardened to the cold. Don’t worry, I won’t rub it in.

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get one of those fog-free suction mirrors and shave while you’re still in the shower. it’s nice and warm in there and you’ll save money on shaving cream. I’d wait until you got out to have your cereal though. your call.

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