Worst big brother ever.

The tag came off the back of my tie today, but I really can’t bitch too much. You see, I went back to my home town of Merrimack, NH for a wedding several months ago. My mom no longer lives in Merrimack, but my brothers do, so I crashed with one of them. Had the suit, the shoes, the handkerchief, but forgot the tie. By some miracle, my brother had a few ties. I picked the most conservative. I packed the most conservative. Unintentionally.

Now, one might think I would remember to bring the tie to Thanksgiving to return it to him. One would be wrong. One would be correct, though, if one thought that I would accidentally abscond with the same brother’s snow-scraper.

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NO! not the snow scraper! A much bigger deal than it seems. One expects to have one’s snow scraper for years and does not expect to have to replace it due to theft. You need to fedex it back immediately. Maybe use the tie as your snow scraper? I mean, does he really need a tie?

Well, the thing’s in pretty bad shape. I probably did him a favor by getting rid of it for him. And no, he does not need a tie for any purpose I can imagine.

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