Si je puis.

Check this out. Now, I’ve considered doing the same thing ol’ Bats did and go to Scotland in search of my heritage. I know zero about Scottish tradition, but showing up in the town that shares my last name and poking around seems like it might be cool. It also seems a lot like trying to find something to hang my identity hat on, looking for something to associate myself with. I might as well just do some online research — I’d end up with the same amount of stuff, and it would have just as much relevance to my life and experience.

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“Si je puis” … “If i can”

Interesting motto. I suggest you take this sentence to heart, and don’t settle for the misleading information provided by the internet for your ‘identity; search. There is nothing that can compare to actually experiencing the history surrounding Scottish traditions,literally feeling the life of the country cannot be replaced by facts from the internet.

The Colquhoun’s motto is a very wise one… as a member of that clan I tend to follow it,,,even before I ever knew it existed…
I haven’t had the chance to visit Scotland and I have tried to find as much as possible about my ancestors through internet…but the best experience and way of finding something is going to the location..I did that in Wales and found very interesting facts.

Internet does not always tell the truth…

Hi Alex

Where in the US do you live? I am a Campbell-Colquhoun and live in London. We grew up with the Colquhoun coat of arms in my grandparents living room. I've been to the Campbell-Colquhoun graveyard (cheery – actually very interesting) in Scotland and traced quite a bit of the family tree. Are you interested in the family history? We can trace back to a Colquhoun-Campbell marriage (and further back)


My name is Calhoun and apparently we are part of the same line. Was wondering if you would mind helping me find some sort of ancestory.

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