Go ahead — turn it on.

Happy TV-Turnoff Week everybody. Every minute you’re not watching TV is a minute you’re paying for and not using, so give the cable company what they want. While you’re at it, go buy dinner and throw it out the window of your car.

I have no idea why TV gets such a bad rap. You know what people did with their free time before TV? Sat on the porch and watched nothing go by. Sat and watched the fireplace. It’s not as if the pre-TV era was a golden age of physical activity and intellectual stimulation which was replaced by zombiism because we are all too dumb to turn away from a glowing light. People have always sat on their asses, and will continue to do so until Judgement.

My favorite part of the story on TV-Turnoff Week is the content-sensitive ad bar that points you to places to buy televisions.

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