Let’s put this to bed.

A surprisingly heated debate took place between some friends the other day on where the movie Underworld is set. Opinions were as follows:

London, because they have British accents. Clearly wrong, since the subway has none of those Mind The Gap warnings.

America, because the non-vampires (Michael and his co-worker) have US accents, the two great covens are divided by “a great ocean”, and there are Bacardi posters. Also wrong, because of the following.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, because Michael’s street address looks like it would be in Eastern Europe.

Here’s the straight dope. Michael Corvin’s address listed as “Laktos Joszef 39 ut.” In Hungarian, utca means “street” and uttest means “road”. Also, the movie was filmed in Budapest.

On related notes, Jonathan Harker’s journal entries in Dracula start with him arriving in Budapest and there is a Corvinus University in Budapest.

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Two things:

1. This is a decent argument built on a lot of strong evidence. I personally believed it was in a generic European city, intentionally undefined.

People assume London because of the accents, the gothic architecture and the constant rain.

2. Much more important a debate is whether or not Lucian survived. I will post that in full on Webshite tonight.

When I was in Budapest in 1980 my hosts were Hungarian but spoke English with British accents because they learned English from British people. YES the movie takes place in Budapest. If you look closely you can see the fossils in the walls of the subway.

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