We’re all like this.

As the life-consuming MMORPG’s and my efforts to resist them have been on my mind recently (heck, I’ve only posted once since first talking about it), that’s what you’re getting today. It’s like they’re frickin’ following me around, waiting to pounce. Here’s an excerpt from a recent email from one of my brothers:

“I picked Final Fantasy XI back up again. I dropped it about 7 months ago. Now with a lot of the nwer update the game is great and it helps that I’m not making some of the mistakes I made before. Like bad gil spending and not sticking with a class.”

It’s always good to hear your brother is learning from his digital mistakes. Wouldn’t want him besmirching the family name in the online world. Also, why play a game that’s so similar to real life? Spending money poorly and changing careers frequently have repercussions? Doesn’t sound like much of a fantasy to me.

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