I do my best to avoid acting in anger. Maybe it’s because I’m from puritanical New England, maybe it’s because I watched too much Star Wars as a kid, I don’t know. I’m certainly not always successful, but that’s what I try to adhere to.

My question is this: is anger useful? Can anger be used to strengthen good actions? It’s certainly a good way to get a boost of energy, but is it more destructive in the end? Unfettered, anger will make one lose focus and make mistakes. Can it be fettered? Can a controlled anger yield positive results?

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I’d like to weigh in and say that a good does of anger is a useful thing. Personally, I’m most productive when I have a healthy dose of rage fueling me. If extended, or at least not directed properly, it can end up just being a waste of energy, but if anger can be focused on one thing, a paper, a project, a person, or a task, it can end up giving you the drive to complete or conquer it. It’s addictive though….

Oh god! I am a rage-aholic! I’m addicted to rageahol!

A-rod, as you know I have no patience and thus have a quick temper myself. When focused, I have found that it can, but not necessarily will be, helpful.
However, I think in the long run consistent use/feelings of pent up anger/rage will decrease one’s life by adding too much stress. The stress will complete the vicious cycle by pissing off one’s coronaries to the point they say, “f*$k it we’re done”. That is no so good… So a quick release of anger when it hits might be the best solution, I don’t know.

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