A Geek Too Far

In the last post, B A Start unwittingly stumbled upon the question which defines our generation. The latest development, though, is so geeky it could only be contained within the annals of Webshite. If you’re into it, go check it out. Thanks to Koontz for bringing the debate out of the nineties and into the oughts.

6 thoughts on “A Geek Too Far

  1. John Koontz

    Wow. Mentioned in TWO B A Start posts in a row. Does that make me B A Start Hall of Fame candidate or what? What if I mention that I beat that game the first weekend my mom bought it for us. Eh?

  2. Alex

    I would agree with ‘hits the pass’ if that meant anything. Also, the first syllable has no “s” at the end of it.

    Maybe its an english-to-japanese-to-engrish translation issue.

  3. goose

    I agree that it is “Hits the Pass” due to my experiment mentioned in the last post. Again the announcer only says it AFTER your player receives the pass, which would mean that you have completed or “Hit the Pass”, a commonly used sports term for performing such an action.


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