On the dotted line

Is it too late for me to change my signature? My written one, I mean.

About fifteen years ago I was impressed into signing my name several hundred times in a row. By the end of that, the sig had gone from a 14-letter scrawl to an unintelligible scribble. What happens if I decide to change how I do it? Let’s say I do some drills for a week or so to make sure the new style is consistent. What happens on the rare occasions someone checks the back of my credit card? Would they believe me?

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No, they won’t. I once changed the G and it was like all hell broke loose. Knowing how I love to shop, I did not take this well.

Several years ago, I had my signature compared to the one that was on my driver’s license as part of a county business filing. It was my old, you can read it signature on there, and my current one looks quite different. They wouldn’t allow it and I had to sit there in front of them and try to do it the old way. True story.

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