Further Adventures of Alex in DS Wonderland

So far, I’ve tried most of the features of the DS once each. I’ve used the touch-pad. I’ve played a match of Mario Kart online. I’ve played it against a friend locally. I’ve played a multiplayer match with a single cartridge. After today, there’s only a few left.

Swung by Gamecrazy, a walled-off subset of Hollywood Video that serves as a mini game store. I went there in search of a DS Download Station, a place alleged to give me the power and authority to download a demo through the very air. A huge young fellow with the pasty complexion, soul patch, and horn-rimmed glasses stereotypical of gamers informed me that there was no station, per se, no glossy plastic box to point my DS at, but rather the entire store would yield a positive result. He entreated me to “download away”.

I complied. True Swing Golf. Decent game, but it’s no Tiger Woods. Either way, the Download Station idea is a valid one. It combines the wireless tech and community feeling that Nintendo are clearly focusing on in a simple way. And considering what a cheapass I am, I’m sure to be using it quite often.

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