Watched Layer Cake last night.

Top Five Reasons I Would Make a Poor Drug Dealer:

#1: Too penny-ante. The whole always-a-bigger-fish thing seems to come in to play often.

#2: Not British. Honestly, I’m not. Awfully close, but just not.

#3: The metric system. Kilos? That’s plain un-American.

#4: Don’t use enough unintelligible slang. Also, don’t call anyone “my son”.

#5: No fashion sense. Apparently adjectives such as “snappy” are used to describe coke dealer dressing habits.

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Nothing to do with Layer Cake…but…you’re a tough man to track down. FYI, I think of you anytime anyone makes a reference to Pinter plays. Drop a line to or if you have a spare minute – I’d love to catch up! What are you doing on the evening of June 25th? I’m Buffalo-bound (well, driving to Nevada by way of Buffalo, really…with Linda Corriveau…) if you’re interested in a beer or two with an old friend!

Ahh!! Jenn is cyberstalking us all!! The internet will only lead to our demise!! Also, we all need to floss more often!! Doomed!!

Sure, Gary…you have time to peruse the blogs, but not respond to the ridiculous picture I sent you??? I see how it goes!!! BTW – you can blame it all on Linda…she somehow found John’s blog and then John threw you and Alex under the bus. So you can blame him, too…[grin!]

She tied me up and threatened to make me read a French-English dictionary. I promise it wasn’t my fault!

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