Hot hot hot

Ma bookie Del finished Gates of Fire. Ah, another satisfied customer.

The only real issue I have with Gates is that it should come with a disclaimer, which should read as follows:

Dear Reader,

You will doubtless find yourself looking up to the Spartans during and after your reading. Please note that they were very, very bad people. No, really. They had a huge slave population which worked day and night for the “real” Spartans, and every male citizen had to serve time on the Secret Police, who would creep around at night kill any slave who stuck out from the crowd. Bad.

Enjoy your purchase!

One reply on “Hot hot hot”

Yeah, and don’t forget the pederasty. At least the Spartans were more “chaste” than other segments of Greek culture. But still, yuck. I don’t want to think of Dienekes and Alexandros in that light!

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