Thirty days hath November. Thirty div 2 is fifteen. Today is the fifteenth.

50K words in Nanowrimo. I have 25K.

Some thoughts on the progress thus far: Actually writing the story takes you places you didn’t expect, reveals things about the created world which you didn’t fully realize, and shows you just how long it takes to move from plot point A to plot point B. Good times. Aside from an errant scene and my general dissatisfaction with the quality of the prose itself, I’m relatively satisfied with the book, especially looking at it as a first draft.

The issue is that I haven’t really gotten to the cool stuff yet. Everything has been set-up so far. I have a feeling that if I want this to end up as a viable book, 25,000 will be a lot more like the one-third mark than the one-half. This makes sense; 50K is barely novel length.

See you in a few weeks.

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