The Uncanny Xmas

How about this: A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen styled Christmas special.

One of Santa’s elves: renegade wood sprite, out to end Santa’s slavery.

Caspar: Powerful wizard from the Orient, perpetually searching for ways to extend his lifespan.

The Little Drummer Boy: soldier-spirit which reincarnates in a new body every generation, fighting in every war in the last 2000 years.

Frosty: The magic hat found its way on to a snow sculpture made in the shape of a giant polar bear.

Dasher: the man on the inside, flying beast and architect of the fabled ‘reindeer games’ combat simulation.

Jacob Marley: troubled ghost, looking for revenge on Xmas in general. He helped an old friend redeem himself one Christmas Eve, yet received none of God’s forgiveness.

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As long as the elf turns out to be Herby, 20 years on since his exile to the land of Misfits. But he’s lost his dentistry license.
After one rendition too many of “Silver and Gold” followed immediately by a furious ice-pick tongue bath, Yukon Cornelius went missing for a week only to be found toothless, his tongue pinned to the tundra by his own prospecting tool.
Written in blood across the snow next to him was the word “nothing”.

Too dark?

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