Playoff Living, Installment the Third

First #3: The Lucky Hat

Ok, so it’s not really lucky. The Sabres don’t seem to care what hat I’m wearing, if any. It is, though, the first time I have worn any apparel with the new logo, and also my first New Era cap. We all must support New Era; before long they will be the only employer in the area. Best to get in good with our future haberdasher overlords.

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we love you, perfect leader, and welcome you into our lives!

I also had a lucky playoff hat that I retired after game three of the ottowa series. The sabres won the next game. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I was never superstitious about hockey, but since I’ve started playing it for real I’ve picked up a few superstitious habits, such as parking in the same spot and wearing the same thing on game days. Also, a pregame walk has become ritual. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m lacing up my pads the same way before every game, or counting the number of times I tap the posts before the opening face-off, but it could happen.

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