Hello Buffalo, I’m Reading

Today found me in the WBFO studios, recording that listener commentary and fighting an irrepressible feeling that I had walked into an episode of Frasier. The actual recording of the essay, complete with re-reads of several of the sentences which seemed fine until I had to speak them aloud in a single breath (damn my love of commas!), took substantially less time than the conversation I engaged in afterwards.

When the radio guy asked me if I missed being home last week, I told him I thought the weather was too warm for skiing. He meant this whole “voting” thing the kids are so excited about these days. Apparently, simply hailing from New Hampshire makes me an authority on the excitements of primary season. Having clarified ourselves, we swapped tales of run-ins with political figures for a solid half-hour.

If you just can’t get enough of me yapping all the time, tune in on January 29th.

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