California Pipe Dreaming

Would I move to Irvine, CA for the perfect job?

Thing A) Blizzard — the company that brought you Warcraft etc. — is holding a fan fiction contest. Well, they’re calling it a ‘creative writing contest’, which it is, but it’s a fan fiction contest.

Thing B) Blizzard also posted a writer job for an upcoming game.

It doesn’t seem like much of a reach to think that the contest is a recruitment tool, especially considering that the entry form asks for your published writing experience and if you would like to become a professional writer. Oh, and the prize is a trip out to Irvine to meet the Blizzard writers. In the HR biz, that’s what we call an “interview”.

Now, does this or does it not sound like THE job for your old buddy Alex? Everything I have ever had published has had to do with video games, including two VG writing-related contests.

But would I move to Irvine? Sell the house, say goodbye to casual porch nights and nearby family? Have to take a plane every time I wanted to see someone?

And what the hell would I do with the other grand prize: Frostmourne?

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The answer, my friend, is Hell Yes. Your friends and family can come visit you while you live the dream out in sunny CA.

Blizzard is right accross the street from Alcon. Seriously. We'd be working neighbors. Do it.

Also, I own a porch. You're free to use it any time. I'll make this offer to any Ex-Merrimackian.

Do I need to give you the weather report to convince you?

Oh oh! We can car pool and reminisce about David Lee Roth, MST3K, and rubber bands.

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