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How to Catch Up on the Final Fantasy Series

AKA – How to make up for those afternoons you spent outside as a kid.

With Final Fantasy XIII on its way, surely you’re curious about the other twelve. (Let’s just pretend all the off-shoots don’t exist for a second). Many of these have been revamped and re-released for the GBA or DS, but some still have to be found in the original release. This list will start you on your way to knowing the difference between a moogle and a chocobo.

FFI and II — Collected as Dawn of Souls for the GBA. So, if you have a pre-i DS, you’re in good shape.

FFIII — Re-released for the DS.

FFIV — Also re-released for the DS. Or pick up FF4 Advance for the GBA.

FFV — FFV Advance for the GBA.

FFVI — Now we’re starting to get into the challenges. You can find this in the PS1 disc Final Fantasy Anthology (V as well). So pull out a backwards-compatible system and load ‘er up.

FFVII — You can find this, the game that changed the world, for download in the Playstation Store for the PS3. Now you’ll finally know who Aeris is and why gamers get misty-eyes when her name comes up.

FFVIII, FFIX — Find them for the PS1.

FFX — A PS2 Greatest Hit. Let’s blitz!

FFXI — This is the online one, so don’t worry about it.

FFXII — Pick it up for the PS2.

Now, if you manage to squeak all these in before the release of XIII, I’ll be impressed. Amazon links to all below.

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