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Daily Science Fiction’s Facebook page is the hot-spot for comments on their stories, so naturally I wandered over to see what folks were saying about mine. 

  • As a person with way too much clutter, i can appreciate this story. Nice.
  • Don’t you just love it, when someone can cut a clear message through the subjects of their stories? This is why I love spec fic!
  • Really enjoyed this novel idea – just wish it had been a little longer, explored a bit deeper. Loved the “inability to crumple a sheet of paper”. Very original!
  • Loved this idea, and loved the story. Very well done!
  • a five, edging to six… the ending took me by surprise and made me think a bit about personal view of the world as i know it (a humbling thing always since i end up concluding that i known damn little)… another observation… the opening paragraph is an example of why i enjoy sf because well-written works combine both the mundane and the wonderous in a well-woven tapestry.
  • Lots to think about!
  • I spend a bit of time in virtual worlds & this was an absolute gem. So unpretentious, dependent on its core of speculative technology but not driven by it. Dread to think what she’ll have to throw out for 7 dragons, though!
  • Really enjoyed it right up to the end. “He needed space” – Lot of stories ending with these trite/cliche twist things lately on DSF. Great story though with that tiny exception IMO.
  • Liked the concept and progression. Though, as a geek with never enough ‘space’, I saw that coming. Liked the video rendering references, too – polygons, textures.
  • “Objects in Cyberspace” would have been a more appropriate title. And, “Objects in Space” was the title of the last episode of Firefly…where it was appropriate. Solid 5, I agree with Gregg & Dennis.
  • A great telling; is it shades of things to come? When different needs infuence decisions; who knows. A great story.

The same title as a Firefly episode? Dang it! Perhaps, as has been suggested to me, my subconscious wanted to drop a little Whedon love.

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