The Midpoint

I hit the midpoint of the new novel this weekend. The part where the protagonist stops reacting to things and starts doing things, based on the novel structure I’m trying out this time around.

From here on out, she goes from passive bystander to active ass-kicker, changing the world into what she wants it to be. Trying to, at least. I call it the “fuck this” moment, and marked it with Robin breaking a monitor with the heel of her new Docs. It was a sudden, violent overreaction, but felt sooooo good.

I’m hoping this will get the typing hydraulics pumping a bit more smoothly. No more hemming, and certainly no more hawing. Now, how precisely she and her buddies are going to pull off their appointed task, especially considering the very unfair odds, I’m not sure. I’m not sure if it’s going to happen at all. But I have a decent concept of how they’re going to try, so we’ll just stick to that.

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