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The Thing and Lovecraft — Guest Post

Oh yes. I am not alone in my recent obsession.  Adam Nowak has allowed me to guest post on Caffeine Dreams as a part of his month of Lovecraft.  Check out the full post here.

A quick sample:

 What better place than Antarctica for a story about mankind’s isolation? As our understanding of the universe grows, the perceived importance of our presence in it diminishes. We’re a blip. An oddity. Closer in intellectual advancement to a crow breaking a shell with a rock than to the horrible powers which exist beyond the borders of our knowledge. Indeed, the aliens themselves are so foreign-looking that we can barely understand what they are, be they Lovecraft’s anemone cucumbers or Carpenter’s tentacle-flailing blood beings. And they’re here, hidden in the dark places of the world we thought was ours.

I say again, check it in its entirety here.



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