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The Sartor Classics I – Genesis

In Revelations, old man Ezio falls for a book vendor named Sofia Sartor. Secrets necessary to the completion of his mission are hidden in books throughout the game world, books which Miss Sartor states are out of print and would be lost to human history without your aid.

That’s right. A game which asks you to rescue old books. I think you can imagine my reaction.

Lady, you can count me in.


As the collection grew, it became clear that the library would end up being a nice collection of classics from various countries. The Iliad and Odyssey. The Aeneid. Canterbury Tales. The Arabian Nights. The Nibelungenlied.

And then a few pieces I had never heard of came about. The Hanging Poems. Heimskringla.

Man, I should read this stuff.

Enter and other such sites. Soon ye olde iPad’s bookshelf was replete with these texts.



You know what’d be cool? If Ubisoft printed a collection of these. Like the Harvard Classics or the Loeb.

…with some kind of assassiny secret hidden in it.


Now, I had recently watched some crazytown fan movies. So much time and money spent on these labors of love. So why not try it myself?


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