Discerning B A Starters may have noticed the “Get Firefox” button under “Other Links”. Now’s when I tells ya why’s I likes the Firefox.

#1 – They say it’s safer. I can only assume they mean the menus and buttons are placed in such a way that my inevitable debilitation due to carpal tunnel syndrome will be pushed back a few weeks.

#2 – Extensions. They’ve got all these user-created extensions of the software that do cool stuff. At least they look like they do cool stuff. I mean, I’m not really sure what a mouse gesture is, but since I don’t, it must be cool, right? Knowledge I don’t have is supposed to be cool, isn’t it?

#3 – Themes. Tired of your boring browser? Well, Firefox has got tons of user-created themes, which change the look of the buttons and what not. Granted, 75% of them are based on pawprints, but hey. At first I was disappointed in this feature, since I was expecting a searchable online database of junior-high themes on various topics, such as what I did during my summer vacation. I adjusted.

#4 – The logo. The Firefox logo is pretty. I like pretty things. Well, maybe not all pretty things. A lot of pretty things, though. Probably most. That I’ve seen. Like in my life and stuff.

I’m a big fan of the pop-up blocker and password manager. I also like being able to search Wikipedia and IMDB from the toolbar. So go download it. It’s pretty sweet.

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