Revelations was ok

Tonight’s entertainments were about going back to things I thought were good and discovering I was mistaken.

First, the movie Goldeneye — the first Bond movie with Brosnan and the basis of my all-time favorite videogame. This should be good, right? As it turns out, 80’s action movie music, unattractive Bond girls, and general cheesiness do not a good film make. I don’t think a single good Bond flick has been made post-Connery.

Second, Jedi Academy. In an attempt to temporarily stave off the creeping Star Wars madness, I rented this game for the Xbox today. I loved its predecessor, so my expectations were high. Yikes. The graphics are terrible, I can’t stand hearing my character say “hup” every damn time he jumps, and if I walk by one more bad guy while waving my lightsaber all around him without touching him, I refuse to be held responsible for my actions.

On an only slightly related note, I have this to look forward to. Must… keep expectations… low….

And, to wrap up, after years of sitting idly by as I watch the movies and spend disgusting numbers of hours playing the games, my wife has had to listen to the James Bond theme song more than any woman in the world.

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