Be Prepared

A few friends of mine have picked up these Scottevest jackets with lots of pockets. As I prefer to keep things simple, I never really saw myself going for one. After my wild evening of hot, wanton geekness, though, they’re looking better and better. I share with you now, gentle reader, the contents of this nights pockets:

Wallet – Even though ‘anime night’ at the Albright Knox was supposed to be free, a gentleman never travels without folding money.

Keys – I left the USB drive at home. You know, because only geeks carry those things.

Handkerchief – Oh, shut up. They come in handy more often than you think.

Cellphone – (Well, Tracfone anyway.) Lil’ Davey has been known to get confused, so best to keep communication lines open.

Pager – see above

Cigarettes and lighter – Tromping around the perimeter of the museum looking for an open entrance would have been an excellent time to light up. I opted against it, for once.

Digital camera – Just in case something picture-worthy happened. Like Jess and Lil’ Davey singing a duet of the theme from Record of Lodoss War at Cosplay Karaoke in Clifton Hall. Alas, it went unused.

Chapstick – Yapping about Japanese import websites will dry those lips, I tell you.

Nintendo DS – Why waste a beautiful night inside playing videogames when you can be sitting on the patio at SPoT Coffee playing videogames? (By the way, Lil’ Davey is very, very good at Mario Kart. I retract all smack-talk.)

Now, if I had one of those Scottevests, I would have been able to carry the copy of The Last Unicorn which changed hands this evening in one of the larger pockets. Another would have held the Wes Craven almost-straight-to-DVD movie we rented. And I don’t even have an MP3 player.

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