They’re saying 2005 was the warmest year in a century. Naturally, this is the winter I decide to quit stalling and let my triumphant return to the slopes take place. Despite the fairly snow-less conditions, I still had a frickin’ blast skiing this weekend.

My fellow schussmeisters asked me what it was like skiing in New Hampshire. “Just like this but longer” was my reply. I mean, an inclined plane is an inclined plane. The big difference this time was that a run only took three minutes, and that’s with the deep-frequency sine function that is my pattern.

Also, Mike Garvey can fucking ski.

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We need to get a ski trip going next year. I’m really going to be itching to go seeing as not much skiing this year due to baby #2 being on the way. (That was an awkward sentence.) New England or Mammoth?

Like the new graphic. Press to pass! Or something like that. I seem to remember us arguing about what the game was saying.

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