Lost It’s Wheels

Sorry for the lack of posts, diligent B A Starters. Been running around like a looney tune since the last installment.

I’ll take a quick moment for this rumor. Allow me to say that I doubt it. What about Mark Hamill?

5 thoughts on “Lost It’s Wheels

  1. Del

    Mark Hamill was the first person I thought of when Gordon flashes the card at the end of Batman Begins. Heath Ledger, though? ::sigh::

    I always thought this guy did a good job with the Joker character, albeit with a little bit of overacting. I hope they model the character in the new movie after something more like this than the Nicholson version from 1989.

  2. Garvey

    Different directors are going to work better with different actors. There could not have been a better choice for a Burton movie than Nicholson, but would he work in another Nolan movie? Paul Dini and Hamill had it spot on (my favorite, actually) in the animated series, but would that translate to live action?

    I agree with you and del re Ledger and hope the rumor about Paul Bettany is still a possibility.

    How about Depp? Too much?

  3. GabsOSteel

    le sigh. as much as i love handsome men, i really hope that’s not what they’re making their decision on.

  4. Greg

    If heathcliff plays the joker, will harley quinn be that ugly chick who always plays opposite him?

    It would be a lot of fun to watch him get his ass kicked around, I guess, so this isn’t entirely bad news.


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