So Fresh

One of the issues about living a nomadic life temporarily is soap. You end up using girls’ soap. Important things to know:

#1 – It’s not a bar. One of those weird upside-down bottles is filled with a goo that is meant to replace the time-honored bar. It’s probably the one with the outline of a naked woman on it.

#2 – It smells weird. You’re going to stink like apricots for a while. Or shea butter, whatever the hell that is.

#3 – It does stuff to you. I have no idea how this works, but girl soap says things like “stimulates” and “awakens” on the bottle. Girls expect a lot more out of their soap than dudes. For men, soap is for cleaning oneself. For women, soap is the key to unlocking the true self, confident and beautiful and independent.

3 thoughts on “So Fresh

  1. GabsOSteel

    i think i have a bar of soap somewhere. of course, i’m using it to keep my sock drawer smelling like beautiful, confident, independent socks.

  2. Scott

    My wife sells these products. I am well versed in the mystical properties of shea butter and grape oil. Of course, this also means that we will never have an excuse to let our personal hygiene go to hell. Unless, of course, you just don’t care. Like me right now.


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