All I Need to Know I Learned from ‘Big Trouble in Little China’.

#1 – Independence is manly.
#2 – Muscle shirts are only to be worn by men who are a) jacked and b) pricks.
#3 – Childhood fears don’t really go away.
#4 – Reporters find the need to put themselves into ludicrous amounts of danger to get something called a “scoop”. Don’t become a reporter.
#5 – You see a dude dressed in samurai gear, he’s probably magic. Do not mess.
#6 – That group of old men who spend all their time playing some board game know something.
#7 – Next time someone throws a knife at you, just grab it out of the air and throw it back.
#8 – If given the option, leave Kim Catrall behind.

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Ever notice that Jack Burton is actually the worst hero ever when it comes to actually being a hero? Gord I love this movie.

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