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Three (More) Literary Works Worth A Play-Through

You really must get over to this blog and read the author’s response to the hope-chest which EA’s Dante’s Inferno has ope’d.  5 books he’d like to see made into games, albeit with tongue firmly placed in cheek.  He asks “Which great works would you like to play through?”, and I, of course, live to serve.

Around the World in 80 Days, Jules MF Verne  Play as intrepid adventurer Phineas Fogg as he saves beautiful women, dodges lawmen, and sails across the Great Plains.  Think Uncharted, but with more gentlemanliness.

Utopia, Sir Thomas More.  The city-builder title.  Convince the citizens they are happy while you take their children away and enslave all the criminals.

Histories, HerodotusCall of Duty + 300 – naked dudes = awesome.

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the count of monte cristo. Alexandre Dumas. I'm thinking a stealth title combined with assassin's creed style platforming

great expectations. Charles Dickens. I think this would be the ultimate RPG. Young ne'er-do-well meets mysterious girl and by fate is befriended by a hidden benefactor. The theme of hubris panders well to the underdog crowd.

orlando furioso. Ludovico Ariosto. That would be one hell of an adventure game/platformer in the vein of psychonauts. Allegory would be a central theme.

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